Get Up

I went North to see the Stiff Little Fingers
play The kids in the Belfast were tearing it up
Jake is the punkest dude I do declare
He got a leather jacket, and the spikey hair.

"We All Fall Down."
So Get Up Now.
"We All Fall Down."
So Get Up Now.

Since '77 they've made music for me and you
Playing punk rock songs while the bombs they blew
Now I suspect these songs are about pain and strife
But I'll tell you this didn't waste their life.

"We All Fall Down."
So Get Up Now.
"We All Fall Down."
So Get Up Now.
"Why Don't You Get Up And Get Out!"

"Why Don't You Get Up And Get Out!"
"Why Don't You Get Up And Get Out!"

MacPherson's Rant

Farewell ye dungeons, dark & strong
This wretches destiny
MacPherson's day will nae be long
Allow the gallows tree

Say rauntingly, say wantonly
And undauntedly ga'ed he
And he played a spring and danced it 'round
Allow the gallows tree

Well I've lived me a life of stearf and strife
On mony a bloody battle plain
But it breaks my heart I must depart
And nae avenged I be

So take these bands frae aff me hands
And bring to me my sword
For there nae be a man in all the land
I'll brave him at one word

So farewell light and me sun shine bright
And all benath the Highland skies
MacPherson's name will nae distaine
The wretch who will nae die

Vinnie Jones

Vinnie Jones (born 5 January 1965 in Watford, Hertfordshire, England) is a British footballer turned actor.

Jones started his football career at non-league Wealdstone F.C., before moving to Wimbledon F.C. in 1986. He was part of the 'crazy gang' team that won the FA Cup in 1988, arguably the club's greatest achievement. He subsequently played for Leeds United F.C., Sheffield United F.C. and Chelsea F.C., before moving back to Wimbledon in 1992. He played over 250 games for the Dons, before briefly becoming player/coach of Queens Park Rangers F.C. in 1998.

While a footballer, he was famous for his "hard man" image. He was sent off 12 times in his career, and once was booked after only 3 seconds of play. In one notorious incident he distracted Paul Gascoigne by grabbing his testicles (see [[1]]). In another match, he ended the career of Tottenham defender Gary Stevens with a vicious tackle.

He also was the presenter of the infamous Soccer's Hard Men video released in 1992, which featured archived footage of himself and many other "hard men" of the game, and included advice for budding "hard men". After the release of the video, Jones received a £20,000 fine from The FA for "bringing the game into disrepute." Despite this, the player gradually got accepted into a league of his own for being notorious and controversial, dominating the crazy gang atmosphere that he had allegedly sparked within his club side during its FA Premiership years.

A high point in his career as a footballer was when he was chosen to play international football for Wales, after the discovery that his ancestry qualified him; he even captained the side. Despite his Welsh name, it was considered ironic that someone so blatantly English could be selected for one of the other home countries; his reputation alone would have made him an unlikely choice for the England side.

Jones retired from football in 1999, and has since found success as an actor, appearing in films such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, Snatch, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Mean Machine, Swordfish, Eurotrip, A Night at the Golden Eagle and the Japanese movie SURVIVE STYLE 5+.

He also appeared in a series of UK TV advertisements for Bacardi. In Mean Machine, Jones played a famous footballer. He also had a part in episode 2, season 1 of the BBC show, Extras. In 2006, Jones will be playing Juggernaut in X-Men 3. And he also said later in an interview that he is signed for more movies: "I've signed for X-Men 3, 4 and 5...that's my contract...yes."

In November 2002 Vinnie Jones released an album of blues and soul songs called Respect in the UK, as his musical debut under the tuition of Phil Edwards.

In December 2003 Jones was convicted of air rage offences committed on a flight the previous May. Following his conviction Bacardi withdrew the ads in which Jones appeared.

The Gang's All Here

Well the devil's nipping at your heels and this time it's for real
A lonely hunger starts to gnaw as you wash away the pain
Of another desperate dead end day forever filled with sadness
To forget about the pain you take your bottle, drink your grain

Singing Hail, Hail, the Gangs All Here.
Leave your worries at the door boy, they're not going anywhere
Hail, hail the gang's all here
When the going gets tough, I know my friends will still be there

Well you're walking down the road and the wind is in your face
You're down and out and the unemployment line's a mile long
The money in your pocket may not get you through the day
But cheer up son I know a place where mugs like us belong


Pick your heart up off the ground though I'm sure it weights a ton
You're no better or no worse than any mothers son
Though you're up against all odds and you're backed against the wall
You recall the cheer, "The Gang's All Here" and shout!

The Only Road

How could you choose a path without knowing where you'd end up
Where you came from was a time and place that you had never been
- Is this the only road
Can you fake your way through conversation or just simply turn away
Set a course for the desert sun is this the only choice
To live without a choice, this is the only choice we'll know
Cut your teeth and now it's time to show the world that what your made of
Was a travesty that many just call luck
- Is this the only road
Now climb aboard the red line train that's headed out of town
Or stick around and just relive your past
You're always running out of wind and you keep saying it's the end
You're always hoping that you'll win, but then you throw in the towel in

Wheel Of Misfortune

Cowboys and coppers verse injuns and robbers,
take a guess for which side I was prone
Maniacal pleasures and a taste for misfortune,
the legacy for which I was known

Down and out, I scream and I shout.
For this man from whom I need my advice
If the price is your life son, you'd better think twice as you march to the front like a soldier

So you'd think I'd aspire for greatness, hell-Bent to make a name on my own
Genetically programmed for the Wheel of Misfortune, I'm an heir to an unwanted throne


Now they've all got their theories,
opinions and such about this man who is down on his luck
Well the offers are plenty,
my options are many, still I opt to face my problems alone.

Boston Asphalt

Searching for the best break the black forties could afford them
Came these ever-proud world-renowned rowdy, roving men
With a firmness and a purpose that so many did dismiss
Sailed these huddled human ballasts on their stinking coffin ships
From the prison of their lonely hearts they labored long and hard
Working 18+hour days for the B.A.C.

But made of modest means With an independent spirit, so full of hopes and dreams
Opportunity denied them in a doomed and starving land
Came these openhearted kindly spirits of a truly threatened man

Fighting 69th

Come all you gallant heroes,
And along with me combined
I'll sing a song, it won't take long,
Of the Fighting Sixty Ninth
They're a band of men brave, stout and bold,
From Ireland they came
And they have a leader to the fold,
And Cocoran was his name

It was in the month of April,
When the boys they sailed away
And they made a sight so glorious,
As they marched along Broadway
They marched right down Broadway, me boys,
Until they reached the shore
And from there they went to Washington,
And straight unto the war

So we gave them a hearty cheer, me boys,
It was greeted with a smile
Singing here's to the boys who feared no noise,
We're the Fighting Sixty Ninth

And when the war is said and done,
May heaven spare our lives
For its only then we can return,
To our loved ones and our wives
We'll take them in our arms, me boys,
For a long night and a day
And we'll hope that war will come no more,
To sweet America


So farewell unto you dear New York,
Will I e'er see you once more
For it fills my heart with sorrow,
To leave your sylvan shore
But the country now it is calling us,
And we must hasten fore
So here's to the stars and stripes, me boys,
And to Ireland's lovely shore

And here's to Murphy and Devine,
Of honour and renown
Who did escort our heroes,
Unto the battle ground
And said unto our colonel,
We must fight hand to hand
Until we plant the stars and stripes,
Way down in Dixieland

Going Strong

There's a brand new century about to begin and the kids
of the 90's are paving' the path, for the youth of America,
free at last from the violence and destruction that destroyed our name,
whenever there was trouble we took the blame.
But now our scene's alive with a new generation of American kids.

We work hard now lets enjoy the fruits of what we've done, tomorrow may never come.
The kids on the street will have their say now - Because!

We've had enough of these negative comparisons a new breed of kids.
Brought together by a movement and a sense of tradition the strong will survive.
And together our backs can never be broken cause now our scene's alive
with a new generation of American kids.

Homeward Bound

I've seen street corner preachers spending discharge pay
Between periods of getting stiff and happy tipplers singing songs of discontentment
With each and every passing sip from the bookmaker's clerk on the rowdy racing circuit
Known as Tom Sharkey's brawling bar to the tenders at the pubs and illegal sporting clubs
In this town I call my home
You see, I come from a family who more or less traditionally sends its boys off to serve uncle Sam
"Obey your orders and protect your country" said this father to his disheartened son
I've traveled over seas, seen forks in the road from Raven to the pubs near Cunard Pier
But the things weren't the same, as the place where I became,
A man in this town I call my home.

Curse Of A Fallen Soul

Another Wake,
Another Time,
A Premature Goodbye.
I've watched you go and seen you pass,
I always knew it wouldn't last.
Together now we mourn the loss, and remember all the fun.
We'll Drink the beer and hang out where death took another son.
So all for one and one for all, do we ever wonder why.
Though the reasons clear, this friend so dear was taken before his time.

So may this round be on the corpse of a dead man,
with a toast that tells of a love you never shared.
So as we dance on the grave of the misbehaved . .
Raise your glass!
And sing the praise of a fallen soul.

Many bow their heads for this man they know so well,
with solemn thoughts they'll drink and drug for a resurrection.
(Facing death we fear no danger)
While Mothers shed their tears through a vail of desperation
these fiends of a vicious breed raise holy hell.


How many times can fate be changed,
the dice be rolled is there no path of least resistance,
for the bold (It's never sought and rarely taken)

Devils Brigade

You've got no one to defend you, you're out on your own
Still fighting on the corner, you can never go home
In this world of temptation, in this city of sin
There's nothing that can save you, but a strength from within

[Chorus:] Because they'll do it again, they've done it before,
The Devils Brigade
Headed down a dead end road with the Devils Brigade
You're being led astray

The crew will not rest until your life's in the piss
Stop and think of you're future, the chances you'll miss
Looking back on a resume of corruption and crime
Cause you wasted your youth, taken down in your prime


Dying to belong though it's tearing you apart
A bullet to the head and a knife to the heart
Are the tools of the trade in this cold life of crime
A smart, decent kid who has now lost his mind

Upstarts and Broken Hearts

I once met a young girl filled with fire,
That saw through my front to this shell of a man
She knew I'd be a handful from the start,
This strong willed woman had an angels heart
The holes in these wings don't allow me to fly
So you'd better brace for a life of pain,
And if fate is the path to this better life
Somehow I feel you'll never see the faces change

Through thick and thin,
She stood by you
She held the key to my broken heart

I look back and wonder,
Sit and ponder.
How I could have ever neglected you.
For the blood soaked soil on the old ball field,
I gambled on a hand I wasn't ready to lose
But if the tables were turned and I faced the troubles,
Tough times and struggles I put you through
I'd of been there as you were through horror and hardship
My life and my love are pledged to you.


Remember the nights she waited and wondered,
fused to a myth that it had taken it's toll.
But this Godless man has mended his way,
Never again will she be alone.

I remember it well,
Still I always knew that she was destined to be my bride
This woman had pride,
She was full of life.
I could see the passion in her eyes.
She thought she found a man,
But she fell for the devil
An evil monster in disguise.
Now I'll honor and obey,
Forever stay.
True to you, my Irish rose

10 Years Of Service

The status of our future in both past and present time,
is relegated to a member of a higher class than mine.
To determine and direct the lives of family men who bear the burden
of living up to standard that doesn't exist in 1999

Who's gonna save us from this lonely picket line,
10 years of service but I'm still not worth your time.

Times may be changing but I'll never leave behind the hopes
and thoughts I have of better days for families such as mine.
Because if history repeats itself and time will surely tell.
What goes around is gonna come around and you'll know our pain too well.

Who's gonna save us from this lonely picket line,
10 years of service but I'm still not worth your time.
And I've seen men give their lives,
and heard the stories that they tell of how they labored
for this company which sold it's soul to hell

[Repeat 1st verse]

Who's gonna save us from this lonely picket line,
10 years of service but I'm still not worth your time.
And I've seen men give their lives,
and heard the stories that they tell of how they labored
for this company which sold it's soul to hell

Who's gonna save us from this lonely picket line,
10 years of service but I'm still not worth your time.

Perfect Stranger

Schizophrenic nightmares sending shivers down my spine
I may be a little twisted, but I swear that my life is fine

[Chorus:] I'm living with a perfect stranger, is there anybody home?
I'm living with a perfect stranger, but I find myself alone

Well I'm still working to make life better, though I've fallen from God's grace
I'm standing still in a shattered mirror, staring at somebody else's face


Just when things are back on track, I sabotage myself
These are all certain telltale signs of my decaying mental health
Nobody's Home!!!!!

Pipebomb On Lansdowne

It's Friday night and the street's filled with freaks, come watch as the useless flock to the beat
Of the techno noise that enhances their high, a bombs gonna blow and I think you know why!

[Chorus:] Everybody's running out, bodies hit the ground, you'd better take cover
It's a pipebomb on lansdowne street

There's no room for dancing on your precious floors, cause you've got to save space for the jocks and whores
You say that our shows are for violent thugs, but we're not the ones on designer drugs


It's not a bunch of little kids we're out to harm and maim, so maim
So make sure the night you hurl the pipe there's no baseball game
Look for flyers, check the phoenix, are there any decent shows, if Keith Bennett isn't working
Then the bomb is good to go.

(The problem with the world today is that nobody can take a joke anymore)

UEFA Champions League

The UEFA Champions League is an annual club football competition organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA) for the most successful football clubs in Europe. It is one of the most prestigious club trophies in football along with South America's Copa Libertadores. It has a global audience of more than 1 billion people.

The tournament was inaugurated in the 1955-1956 season as a competition for winners of the European national football leagues under the name of the European Cup, but since the 1992-1993 season the competing teams have been the top-ranked teams of Europe and the tournament has been renamed the UEFA Champions League, though the UEFA Champions League is not to be confused with the UEFA Cup, the second most important championship for European club teams.

The current holders of the UEFA Champions League trophy are Liverpool F.C. of England, but the Trophy was handed over on March 11, 2006 by captain Steven Gerrard in the quarter-final draw at Paris after losing to Benfica 0-3 on aggregate at Anfield and the new winner awaits at the Stade de France on Wednesday May 17, 2006.


Anfield is a football stadium in the district of Anfield, in Liverpool, England. It is the home of Liverpool F.C. Lees verder...

Liverpool FC

Liverpool Football Club (usually known simply as Liverpool) is an English football club based in Liverpool, Merseyside; the current champions of Europe, they are also statistically the most successful English football team to date. Since being founded in 1892, Liverpool is the only English team to have won the Champions League five times. The club also has 18 Football League titles to its name, as well as being the English club to have won the most number of UEFA Cups, European Supercups and English League Cups. Despite having won the most number of Football League titles, the club have yet to win the FA Premier League since its first season in 1992/3. The club's home ground is the 45,362 capacity Anfield stadium, which is about three miles from the centre of Liverpool.

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Alan Hansen

Alan Hansen (born Alloa, Scotland, June 13, 1955) was one of football's most elegant defenders of his generation and later became a successful television pundit. Lees verder...